Sunrise View Beach Resort

Sunrise View Beach Resort

Bai and I were supposed to go to Cotabato City to visit the Grand Mosque and Blue Lagoon then go straight to Lemlunay Resort in Maasim, Saranggani but due to an unforeseen event, we found ourselves heading to Sunrise View Beach Resort instead. The beach is located in Brgy. Caliclic, a few minutes away from the barge terminal.

Going to the resort is just easy. If you have your own vehicle, from the barge terminal, just turn right and just look for the Sunrise View Beach Resort signage. For commuters, you can ask the motorcycle to take you to the resort for 50 pesos good for 2.

Since it was Sunday, I was expecting a lot of people in the resort but there were only a few when we got there. As someone who loves to have some privacy, I instantly like the place. I get to relax and enjoy the beach without having to rub elbows with other beach goers (but there’s a twist).

Pool Area - Sunrise View Beach

It was past 2 o’clock in the afternoon when we arrived at the resort, so I went straight to the reception area to check where our room would be since we will be staying overnight. The person seemed to be surprised by my inquiry, she asked me few questions and after a while, she said that the room is still not available. I am a little puzzled of the receptionist’s reaction since I already made a reservation before going to the resort but I did not mind it because I was hungry and I just wanted to eat my lunch.

After almost two hours of waiting, we were told that we can now use the room. We were expecting that someone will lead us to where our room would be but there was none, there were about 6 rooms and we were told that we will be using the first room. Okay, first room! But from where? First room to the right or first room to the left? I was starting to get annoyed, but I kept my cool. I asked Bai to clarify which room and that’s the only time someone pointed our room.

The room is nice and I like how it was designed but that’s the only positive thing I can share about my experience in Sunrise View Beach Resort. The room has a television but is not working, the staff told us that the cable is not yet connected. The room has its own bathroom but no WATER! We were told that the water pressure is very low and that the water should be back around 7 PM. We have to repeatedly ask for a table and chairs before someone finally heeded our request. The room costs for 2000 pesos without free breakfast.

The resort has a restaurant and a canteen but it is only open until 6 PM, so you better make sure to buy everything you need before it closes. We asked if they have a water dispenser – there was none!

beach area  resort at night

And the beach? Well, I don’t like it. Bring your aqua shoes if you don’t want to cut your feet with those corals everywhere. The pool is okay though.

For now, I can’t recommend Sunrise View Beach Resort to my friends because they won’t be able to get the value of their money. The facilities and customer service of the resort really needs to improve if they want the people to keep coming back and spread good reviews to their friends – good word of mouth can go a long way.

Here’s the breakdown of our expenses during our visit to the resort

  • Barge fare – 40 pesos (back and forth – 2pax)
  • Motorcycle Fare – 100 pesos (back and forth – 2pax)
  • Room – 2000 per night (good for 2pax) – we did not for the entrance fee since we will be staying overnight

NOTE: We brought our own food because we were told in advance that the canteen will be closed at 6 PM.


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