Summer at Emars Wavepool Resort

emars wavepool resort

It has been a family tradition to have a simple outing during summer season. I personally wanted to go to Samal for two simple reasons – white sand and blue waters! However, my dad is adamant to the idea of crossing the davao-samal waters, so I needed a back-up plan. After awhile of searching the net, I found Emars Wavepool Resort which is located at the back of SM City Ecoland.

emars kiddie pool

My nephew, at 12 years is a huge fan of wavepool, so Emars Wavepool Resort is good choice. To those who didnt know, Emars Wavepool Resort and D’Leonor Inland Resort which is located in Communal is owned by the same family who also owns RDL Pharmaceuticals, D’Leonor Hotel in Bajada and the Japanese Tunnel in Maa.

I had the opportunity to visit the resort for the first time some years ago during our company’s send off dinner for our outgoing Assistant Finance Officer. I didn’t have the chance to go around the resort though back then.


So, how’s the resort? you might want to ask. I will rate the resort 4 out 5, that’s because my family had a wonderful time. The staff is very polite and accommodating. The customer service is very good. Despite the size of the resort, the management were able to keep it clean. The main attraction which are the 3 pools (the wavepool, the kiddie pool, and the adult pool) are what I’ve pictured them to be.

emars adult pool

The only thing about the Emars Wavepool Resort is that it is quite expensive but with the kind of service that they are giving, I think that the price is just right. Among the resorts that I’ve visited within the metro, Emars is the best by far.

Here are our expenses during our summer outing at the resort.

Entrance – 800 pesos (200 per head)

Food corkage – 200 pesos

Tables and Chairs – 250 pesos

Miscellaneous expenses

Piattos Big – 50 pesos

Halo-Halo – 120 pesos

Coffee – 35 pesos (1 nescafe stick and 1 sachet of creamer and sugar)

Bag of Ice – 20 pesos

1.5 liter Coke – 80 pesos


  • Cottage for small group is at 500 pesos
  • Cottage for big group is at 700 pesos
  • Corkage for softdrinks is at 30 pesos per bottle
  • Food corkage is at 200 pesos
  • They have a different corkage fee for lechon and liquor.


Just a regular individual with a dream of being able to travel all the beautiful spots in the world. I am not a natural born Writer, so apologies if some of my grammars are bad. I will share my travel adventures here and hopefully, I can help you decide on your next travel getaway.


  1. just to clarify regarding the entrance.800 pesos?or 200 pesos?

  2. The 200 corkage for food means what?? We can bring 1 or more kinds of food at
    200 cost?

  3. so open na po pala ulit ang EMARS.tnx po.may reaturant ba sila?

    • Yes may restaurant sila, not sure if open na sila ulit. My post was in summer of 2016 pa when we went there latter part of 2016, close na naman sila.

  4. i just to clarify reqardinq sa corkaqe nyo sa food ? .. ano po yunq 200?

    • Hi,

      We paid 200 pesos for the food that we brought with us. They do allow food from outside but you need to pay a certain amount.

  5. Estella Yamagami

    Good morning po mam
    Asking for rate po mam if family cottage overnight po ? And good for person?!
    Thank you

    • Hi,

      Kindly visit them at Ecoland, at the back of SM City. The last time I went there, the place was closed not sure if they re-opened again.

  6. Davie jhon Corombana

    hi maam/sir .gud pm. open na po ba kayo, kasi nagpunta kami nung march temporarily closed po kayo. .tnx po.

  7. Davie jhon Corombana

    hi maam/sir .gud pm. open na po ba kayo?, kasi nagpunta kami nung march temporarily closed po kayo. .tnx po.

  8. hi.. I just want to ask if open naba Emars ngayon? we have plan to go there tomorrow…please reply

  9. Hi admin!

    pwede penge nung ACTIVE contact number nla? Thanks!

  10. Hello may we ask for their contact number? Thank you!

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