En Route Kaputian Beach Resort

Kaputian Beach Resort

It was supposed to be an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) adventure at Blue Jaz Beach Resort in Samal but we ended up soaking under the heat of the sun at Kaputian Beach Resort. We did not have a back up plan since we were confident that we’ll be able to enjoy the fun of riding an ATV. To our dismay, the person in-charge can’t be reached and the trail is that not exciting anymore as compared to their old venue which was in Hagimit Falls.

Since our main reason in going to Blue Jaz is just the ATV, we decided to just go else where. Somewhere where we can enjoy the beach with less expenses (we are a budget beach goers). We haggled our motorcycle driver to take us to Kaputian Beach Resort at a cheaper fare and the driver happily obliged. The travel lasted for 30 minutes or more under the heat of the sun.

We were already at the Kaputian Beach Resort before noon. The place hasn’t changed that much since the last time I was there about two years ago. The place is so simple and laid back. No fancy amenities and room accommodation. The place is perfect if you just want to chill and enjoy the beach. There are open cottages for day tour and simple rooms for an overnight stay. There’s a grilling place and stores too if you want to buy some foods.

We decided not to get a cottage, instead we just put our things under a newly cut trees while we enjoy the clear waters of the beach. We didn’t stay long since we didn’t have food with us, good thing there’s a turo-turo outside of the beach.

If you are someone who doesn’t need five stars beach amenities and accommodation to appreciate the beach then head on to Kaputian Beach Resort. You can have a fun filled summer getaway with your friends with minimal expenses.

Before I forgot, in front of Kaputian Beach Resort is another beach named Isla Reta!

Here’s our expenses for our Kaputian Beach Resort adventure (for 1 person):

  • Bus fare – 30 pesos (from bus terminal to babak)
  • Motorcycle fare – 150 pesos (from babak to Blue Jaz Beach Resort to Kaputian)
  • Entrance fee – 10 pesos
  • Environment fee – 5 pesos
  • Lunch – 80 pesos
  • Motorcycle fare – 60 pesos (from Kaputian to Peñaplata)
  • Bus fare – 50 pesos (from Peñaplata to bus terminal)

NOTE: You can opt to alight at Peñaplata terminal then from there, hire a motorcycle going to Kaputian Beach Resort. Since, our original plan was to go to Blue Jaz for the ATV, we alighted at Babak.


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