Isla Reta Beach Resort

Isla Reta Beach Resort

In my previous post, I wrote that just in front of Kaputian Beach Resort is another beach named Isla Reta Beach Resort – well guess what? I visited it after a week!

It has been 6 long years since the last time I visited Isla Reta Beach Resort. A lot of improvements has been made with the resort but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed – the pristine blue waters of Isla Reta Beach Resort.

We took the earliest trip going the resort and after an hour and 15 minutes we were greeted by the calming sound of the ocean breeze. Local and foreign beach lovers flocked the resort. There were few who had their skin tanned under the smoldering heat of the sun while some had their photo ops.

The place is very clean and well maintained. Construction of several closed cottages are still ongoing. The beach now has a restaurant and tent rentals. These were not available during my first visit. The food price is pretty much the same to other beach restaurants.

After few minutes of preparation – putting of sunscreen lotion and swimming attire, we drenched ourselves in the cold blue water. We opted to swim in the spot where a small portion of the beach is covered with trees.

So if you would like to escape your busy life at the metro…head on to this beautiful beach and just chill and listen to your favorite music while watching the waves crashing to the shore. The next time I will visit Isla Reta Beach Resort, I’ll make sure to have my tent with me!

Here is our expenses (day tour) good for 1 person:

Boat fare – 160 pesos (from Sta. Ana wharf to Isla Reta and vice versa)
Entrance fee – 100 pesos
Food (lunch) – 220 pesos

Click on the image for their updated accommodation rates

Isla Reta Rates


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