Governor Genoroso Day Tour

My first travel destination for 2018 was at Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental. Ever since I read a blog post about the place, I have long been wanting to visit the place and finally, it happened last January.

Governor Generoso formerly known as Sigaboy is a second class municipality of Davao Oriental. It is a home to many wonderful sceneries and breathtaking sunrise and sunsets.

Aboard a private tour van, we left Davao City around 1 AM and reached Governor Generoso around 4:30 AM. Travel time depends on your chosen mode of transportation. Our first destination was at the Cape San Agustin in Brgy. Lavigan. The place was a perfect spot for a beautiful sunrise. I can’t explain the feeling of witnessing the best sunrise I’ve seen by far. I’ve finally met in person the three famous lighthouses that served as the main attraction in the area. After a series of photo-op session, we bid the place goodbye and headed to our next destination.

Sunrise @ Cape San Agustin

Sunrise @ Cape San Agustin

One of the three Lighthouses

The Altar was our second destination. The place is called the Altar because of its altar-like rock formation. Though it is just a few meters away from Cape San Agustin, the hike going to the location was a bit tiring and can leave you out breath because you need to take about a hundred of stiff steps of their makeshift ladder. The tide was already high when we got there so I opted to just stay on the other side of the altar and just took several shots of the view.

Our third destination was to see the Centennial Dau Tree. The tree stands at about 260 feet tall and is a rare breed of Mamacao tree. You won’t have to exert a lot of effort to check out the tree because it is just along the highway.

Century Old Dau Tree

Mt. Hamiguitan was our fourth destination. And no! We did not traverse the actual Mt. Hamiguitan, we just visited the first tier of the mountain which has a very cool natural science museum that houses a lot of information regarding Mt. Hamiguitan. I am not really into visiting museums but I enjoyed this one because of the speaker who really knows how to get the attention of the audience.

Mt Hamiguitan Museum

Then it was time to check out the Sleeping Dinosaur. The last time I went to Mati, I only had a photo of the sleeping dinosaur from afar. This time around, we went to the actual sleeping dinosaur mountain. It is not really a mountain but I consider it one because of the stiffness of our climb going to the top and for a minute I worried about my life and safety. It was truly an adventure going there but once you reach the top, the view was just so perfect.

Top of the Sleeping Dinosaur

Our last destination before going back to the city was at Dahican Beach which is located in Mati. It is probably the most popular and most visited beach in the province of Mati and is known for its huge waves that are perfect surfing.

Dahican, Mati Oriental

If I have to sum up my Governor Generoso trip, I would say I had an amazing time and would really recommend the place to those who like to check out beautiful sceneries. I am a huge fan of landscape beauties so I definitely enjoyed this one.

The Expenses

For this trip, I only spent less than 1000 pesos since my friends and I availed a tour package from Wanderlaags. It is just a day tour but it is definitely worth it. If you like a hassle free day tour, go check out the facebook page of Wanderlaags. Expenses can vary depending on how you plan to go to Governor Generoso.


  • No cellular signal in most areas.
  • It is best to bring your own vehicle when touring the place.
  • No fancy restaurants and hotels
  • Bring lots of foods and water


Just a regular individual with a dream of being able to travel all the beautiful spots in the world. I am not a natural born Writer, so apologies if some of my grammars are bad. I will share my travel adventures here and hopefully, I can help you decide on your next travel getaway.

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