Eden Nature Park and Resort

eden nature park and resort

Eden Nature Park and Resort is not really new to thousands of people here and outside Davao after all, it is one of the City’s popular tourist spots. Hundreds of posts have probably been written about this place, because why not? The place is blessed with the beauty of nature.

For a nature-loving person like me, it is no surprise that I’ve been to the place four times already. It was in 2012 when I first visited the place and I was already in awe at how relaxing and beautiful the place was. There was never any doubt in my mind that I will surely be back. Just last month, I just had my fourth visit thanks to our company event.

Eden Nature Park and Resort surely did not disappoint me each time I was there. There are new attractions each time I went there and even though I am already on my fourth visit, I still have to check out all of their tourist attractions! That’s how big the place is. I am not going to discuss the land area and history of the place because I’d like to leave it to the tour guides – which by the way are so eloquent.

eden sky cycle

Eden Nature Park offers land, air, water activities. For photography enthusiast – the place offers several beautiful sceneries wherein you can play with your camera. If you want to experience Baguio but doesn’t have enough budget to actually go to Baguio – Eden Nature Park and Resort is the number one alternative – pine trees plus cold atmosphere on a sunny day seems like Baguio right?

swimming pool at eden nature park

What about the food? You might ask – I am no expert in food but I’d give their restaurant two thumbs up. I just love everything they serve on the table. For health conscious visitors – all their vegetables are freshly picked from their own garden and are all organic.

eden amphitheater

So now, let’s talk about how much you will need for you to enjoy your visit to Eden Nature Park. For an overnight stay, cottage prices range from Php4,400 to Php12,000 per night. For a day tour visit, you have to two options – one is with an entrance fee of Php600 inclusive of the lunch buffet, the other one is Php400 inclusive of a plated snack. If you want to avail their shuttle guided tour, you need to pay Php150 and you will be taken to three of the Eden’s most commonly visited attractions – Amphitheater, Tinubdan, and Lola’s Garden.

How To Get To Eden Nature Park and Resort?

If you are coming all the way from the Davao International Airport, you can rent a taxi to take you directly to the resort but be informed that will cost you more than a couple of hundred bucks. If you are coming from the City proper and does not want to spend a lot in transportation, take the Toril route jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off at the Mercury Drug Toril, there are a lot of motorcycles lining up willing to take to you to Eden. Just be sure to haggle because drivers tend to overprice if they think that you are new the place.

Expected Expenses

Fare (assuming that you will take the jeepney ride)

  • Ponciano to Toril Mercury Drug – Php50 per head (roundtrip)
  • Mercury Drug to Eden – Php100 per head (roundtrip)


  • Buffet Lunch – Php600 per head
  • Plated Snack – Php400 per head

For the complete activities and amenities of Eden Nature Park and Resort check out their official website or you can give them a call or visit their office.


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  1. (y) (y) (y) really enjoyed the skycycle, but didn’t have the chance to take some photographs of myself.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Roy! That’s too bad! but since you are just few kilometers away from the place, you can always go back there and take some photos while you are in the air 😀

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