Conquering the Majestic Lake Holon

Lake Holon has been in my travel destination list for quite a long time, so when my former student told my bestie that they will visit the majestic Lake Holon for their next trip, I convinced my bestie that we should join the trip, good thing she said ‘yes’. Hiking has always been on my bucket list because why not? Mindanao has a lot beautiful mountains and lakes just waiting to be explored.

How To Get There

We boarded a private van going to T’boli, South Cotabato. The travel was smooth and relaxing and I was able to catch a good amount of sleep during the trip. We departed from Davao at 1 AM and by 7 AM we were already at the tourism office. We boarded a dump truck going to the jump-off point of the lake which is at Barangay Salacafe. What makes my trip to Lake Holon special was that it happened during the opening day of the lake after it was closed for three months for rehabilitation. There were hundreds of other tourists who want to witness the beauty of the lake.

Lake Holon, South Cotabato
Campers everywhere at Lake Holon

Lake Holon is located at T’boli, South Cotabato and it is one of the popular tourist spots in the province. Travel time from Davao City to the T’boli tourism office is approximately 5 to 6 hours. You need to travel for another an hour or two to reach the jump-off point of the trek going to Lake Holon.

When we arrived at Barangay Salacafe, there was a short opening program and guests were given free food. Our trek to Lake Holon began after the opening program. We took the Salacafe trail going to the lake. The trail is easy but a longer one. It took us about 3 hours of hiking to finally reach the camping ground. I was in total awe when I finally saw the lake up close. The lake is so mesmerizing and calm that if only I know how to swim, I will definitely jump right into it. Nature has always given me a great sense of serenity and if I could, I would make to a point that I get to be in touched with nature every day!

It can get really cold during the night, so be sure to bring the appropriate camping attire with you. We didn’t have to worry about our food since we are provided by our tour organizer. Our group spent the night playing games and we did some star gazing too. There was a short program prepared for the campers and a dance performance from the kids of the T’boli tribe.

Lake Holon Camping Ground
Lake Holon Camping Ground

I woke up to a very cold but very beautiful morning the following day. We had our breakfast and then prepared our things for our hike back to Barangay Salacafe. We took the Kule trail this time. The first 15 minutes of the hike can leave you out of breath because of the stiffness of trail.

The majestic Lake Holon
Lake Holon from the viewdeck

A very beautiful 360 view of Lake Holon greeted us after several minutes of walking. Our group stop for a few minutes to snap some photos and started hiking again. We finally reach Sitio Kule after 2 hours and a half of hiking. We then need to ride a motorcycle to take us to Barangay Salacafe. The motorcycle ride was a bit scary and not for the weak of heart. We again boarded a dump truck to take us back to the T’Boli tourism office. The dump truck ride was definitely butt hurting.

The Weather

The weather in Lake Holon is known to be very unpredictable so be sure to bring the appropriate camping gears.

My Lake Holon trip is definitely one for the books! I had so much fun with my first ever trek and I endured all the soreness and leg numbing up and down trek. It was definitely a very tiring experience but it’s all worth it.

If you want a hassle free Lake Holon adventure, I recommend Agape AdvenTours – they did a good job in taking care of their guests!

The Expenses

  • Tour fee – 2300 pesos 2D/1N
  • Porter fee – 600 pesos back and forth (depends on the weight of your bag) – porter fee is 25 pesos per kilo
  • Tent rental fee – 200 pesos
  • Motorcycle – 100 pesos per head (from Kule to Salacafe)
  • Motorcycle Toll Fee – 10 pesos
  • Boat fee from Lake to Kule Jump off point – 50 pesos per head
  • Miscellaneous Expenses – 500 pesos


Just a regular individual with a dream of being able to travel all the beautiful spots in the world. I am not a natural born Writer, so apologies if some of my grammars are bad. I will share my travel adventures here and hopefully, I can help you decide on your next travel getaway.

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